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Side Dish

Fluffy Surprise Biscuits

Good old-fashioned buttermilk biscuits are a homestyle breakfast staple that is typically enjoyed with butter, honey or sausage gravy. For a unique twist, try our Fluffy Surprise Biscuits! Unlike their buttermilk counterparts, these only have three ingredients and are incredibly simple to make! Combine self-rising flour with a little bit of sugar and some Smith's Whipping Cream. (Don't over mix the dough or your biscuits will be tough.) Now comes the fun part! Turn out your Surprise Biscuits dough onto a floured surface and start kneading! Only 10-12 times will do the trick. Roll, then cut into circles. Slit all around the sides of the dough, then place on a lightly greased baking sheet with the edges of each barely touching. Now it's time for the surprise! Press down the center of each biscuit, making an indentation with your thumb. Spoon a little bit of your favorite fruit preserves into each. Bake until lightly golden, and serve warm. Your breakfast guests will love this sweet, pillowy, delicious surprise! 

How to Make


  • 2 cups self-rising flour
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 cup Smith's whipping cream
  • 2 tbsp raspberry, strawberry, or apricot preserves


  1. Combine flour, sugar and Smith's whipping cream, mix well (dough will be stiff).
  2. Turn out onto floured surface. Knead 10 to 12 times. Roll dough to 1/2" thickness. Cut with 2-1/2" biscuit cutter. Make 6 slits through dough around edge of each biscuit to 1/4" of center.
  3. Place on lightly greased baking sheet.
  4. Press down center of each biscuit, making a dent with thumb.
  5. Spoon 1/2 tsp preserves into each center.
  6. Bake for 10 minutes at 450 F or until lightly browned.


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