Tradition can't answer to trends, because doing what's right the right way never goes out of style. Dairy can only be its freshest if it's local. That's why Smith's stays local, with over 100 local dairy farmers who stay true to tradition and won't budge to cut corners. The farmers know best.

Generations of Excellence

Smith’s only partners with smaller, local farms in order to deliver the highest quality dairy to your table. In fact, all of our conventional farms are within 60 miles of our plant. These farms have been passed down from generation to generation to family members who believe they were put on this earth to nurture the cows whose milk nurtures our community. Their traditions of excellence meet and exceed the high standards required to be a Smith’s producer. Their passion provides the foundation for the tradition you can taste in every Smith’s product. 

From Farm

To Family Grocer

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L&R Family Farm

Smithville, Ohio

Pero Family Farm

East Canton, Ohio

Berg Family Farm

Bellville, Ohio

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